Patti Smith
June 15, 2003
Martin Luther King Jr. Park, Berkeley, California, USA

This minor upgrade sounds exactly like ccrider895's great torrent posted October 2007. But here both sources are known gens, and I adjusted the volume on one source.

SQ: The sound quality is excellent; I rate it closer to "A" than to "A-".

Source for the music (tracks 1 through 11):
Pre-FM>?>CDR*>EAC(secure)>Cool Edit Pro 2.1(tracking)>FLAC(level 8)
*My CDR was hand-delivered by the Seeder of the August 2003 babel-list tree on which I was a top-level ("trunk") branch.
taper unknown

Source for the interview (track 12):
FMS(KFPA 94.1 broadcast)>Yamaha T-550 tuner>HHB-800 standalone burner>CDR>EAC(Secure)>Cool Edit Pro 2.1(Normalized to 50%[from 67.5%])>FLAC(level 8)
It was louder than the concert, so I lowered the volume.
taped by coyote

Artwork included (from the August 2003 Babel-list tree)

Free concert in appreciation of the anti-war movement
A benefit for

01 Southern Cross
02 Redondo Beach
03 Ask The Angels
04 1959
05 Don't Say Nothing
06 Pissing In A River
07 Wing
08 Dancing Barefoot
09 25th Floor
10 Because The Night
11 People Have The Power
12 interview (on KPFA by Scoop Nisker)

I planned to simply repost ccrider895's great torrent. But I encountered surprises. I had assumed incorrectly that the source treed in 2003 was an AUD, but analysis proved that it was *identical* to ccrider895's pre-FM version. So I looked up the details of my CDR, and found I got it directly from the Seeder of the Tree that placed the concert into circulation. Then I noticed that the t12 interview was a different source; it turns out I forgot that the Seeder had treed *my* recording of the post-show interview; so instead of using the interview track I got from the tree, I used my master of it.

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coyote 17 March 2010