Patti Smith
Haldern Pop Festival
Rees-Haldern Am Niederrhyn

Taper : clogboy2005
Equipment : D100 & ATM shotgun mic
Type : Audience
Generation : master

Lineage; D100 DAT & ATM shotgun mic � DAT stand alone � Yamaha stand alone cdr burner � FLAC �you


01. Intro By Patti Smith
02. Beneath The Southern Cross
03. The Lamb Poem
04. Boy Cried Wolf
05. Redondo Beach
06. Ask The Angels
07. Free Money
08. Waiting Underground
09. Notes Poem
10. December 1974 > Break It Up
11. Wing
12. To Children Poem
13. Masters Of War
14. 25th Floor
15. Frederick
16. Summer Cannibals
17. Because The Night
18. Pissing In The River
19. People Have The Power
20. Not Fade Away
21. Gloria Outroduction

Total Running Time : 01:50:10
Size (FLAC) : 784,28 MB

Good old Patti, seen and taped a number of her shows and it was always enjoyable.
Don�t remember anything in particular as such from this show aside that it was a real
challenge to smuggle the DAT equipment through security.
Which was a bit of a surprise to me. I had visited the festival in the past and taped here before.
My memory said that security was low key and easy to get the gear in. Not this year.
Had to duck tape the recorder on my wrist and stick the 15 inch shotgun mic in my
underpants to avoid detecting by security. Gosh it was an uncomfortable walk�.
The show itself. This gig was slightly different to the previous Patti show I saw (and taped) at Dranouter.
This set list includes a number of poems read by Patti which, in hindsight, seem to take the momentum out of the show.
However, I do like this show. The sound is pretty good, considering it was an outdoor event.
This tape is virtually uncirculated. Back then, I distributed two (cdr) copies of the show to friends,
neither of whom were active tape traders then.

2014 is a year of celebrations for me. 25 Years of taping concerts and the 10th anniversary of migrating to Australia.
I taped around 550 concerts, though the vast majority of these shows were taped between 1990 and 2003.
I have made a selection out of my collection to share with Dimers. I want you to enjoy the recording. No rules, no restrictions.
Do what you want to do with it, convert, remaster, repost. It is up to you (however, credit for the tape would be appreciated..)