Patti Smith
June 5, 2004
Toad�s Place, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

The music is identical to the previous postings.

I only fixed an error in the *tags* on the FLAC files (Tracknumber and Discnumber were in the Comment field; Tag Frontend, the program I originally tagged the FLACs with, didn't even have Tracknumber and Discnumber fields). Then I updated this .txt file.

*SBD/AUD Matrix mix*
I beg you, please do everything you can to keep this recording from showing up someplace like eBay, because I'd love to be able to share more of Adam Schanke's great work, and I will share more of his Patti Matrix mixes only under this condition: Absolutely no selling! If the band's wishes in this are disregarded, the well becomes dry, period. So please share freely only to those who will only share freely.

SQ: A short mp3 sample is attached to a comment. Great, I rate it "A+", there's no better sound quality in my collection. This is a big upgrade from the circulating AUD. The two previous postings of this torrent received 1097 Snatches.

Edited and mixed by the unsurpassed Adam Schanke; many thanks Adam!

30th Anniversary of Patti's first recording: Hey Joe/Piss Factory on Mer records

SBD/AUD Matrix mix CDR I got by mail directly from AJ>EAC>FLAC(level 8)
AUD source: DPA4060 mics>Sony M1 DAT

Artwork included; many thanks to G. The Cock for creating the very cool artwork!

I love this show!

Disc One 74:00
01 Trampin' 3:12
02 Stride Of The Mind 4:07
03 Jubilee 6:01
04 Break It Up 5:35
05 Mother Rose 8:14
06 Piss Factory 5:22
07 Gandhi 12:32
08 Cash 10:01
09 My Blakean Year 6:45
10 We Three 5:01
11 25th Floor 7:12

Disc Two 62:46
01 Peaceable Kingdom > 7:08
02 Casida Of The Lament > 1:19
03 About A Boy 9:52
04 Because The Night 4:17
05 Summer Cannibals 6:35
06 Land > 10:12
07 Gloria 7:43
08 Free Money 5:52
09 Hey Joe 9:50

Total 136:46
Size: 653MB

"Casida Of The Lament" is a Federico Garc�a Lorca poem.

the crunchy sound d2t5 0:10-0:13 is a sonic burst from the stage due to a bad patch chord probably from Oliver's guitar; it is on both sources and both channels.

cuts disc 2 at trackmarks 8 and 9

d2t9 "We were almost out of this fucking place": They weren't going to do Hey Joe, but the house guy didn't turn on the lights even though the post-concert house music had started.

Share freely, Never Buy or Sell, and please support the artists!

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