Patti Smith
Usher Hall, Edinburgh, UK
July - 01 - 2004

Rec. Info: SP-CMC-2 > SP-SPSB-1 > Sony MZN 707 (LP Mode) (Gary Barrett master)

MD Master -> MDS-JE770 -> optical output -> iRiver H120 [rockboxed] -> USB -> Adobe Audition 2 [to join files] -> TLH FLAC Level 8 -> wav -> DVD
DVD -> wav-file -> Magix Music Cleaning Lab (remaster/edit) -> FLAC (44,1 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo) -> DIME
Ex- sound after some EQ (bass reduced, treble lifted). There were quite long passages at the start and at the end of the recording with only audience/crowd on it which I removed.
As on the original recording the audience noise is louder than the music (the recorder was quite away from the PA?) I calmed down the audience noise between the tracks as far as possible.
Also there are some "shouters" near the recorder which still come through quite unpleasantly from time to time but mostly between the tracks.

I am pleased to present some of the recordings of Gary Barrett here on dime and this is the first one of them I am uploading here on dime.

Gary Barrett (alfienoakes on Dime):

Gary was a well-known figure in the Glasgow music scene, after working in A1 Sounds / Fopp and Avalanche Records for over 20 years. He also promoted a few shows in the mid 80s.
When minidisc technology emerged, he immediately set himself up for recording and began chronicling all the gigs he attended. This is a record of all the existing MD�s I found
in his massive music collection, which his brother asked me to transfer on to hard drive.
Gary passed away suddenly from natural causes in Sept 2006, ironically just after he purchased his first HD recorder and only got to record 2 shows with (Green On Red at King Tut�s being the last one).
Big thanks to jamroom for taking over this project and the many dimebots who have helped him in this massive endeavour. This MD Project is a tribute to his passion for live music and supporting local
and small touring bands.


This is a very nice performance by Patti + band and the audience responds to this a lot. There was another recording of this concert on dime uploaded in 2011 by sappororamen (where I have also taken the setlist from).
But I think this here is definetely a different recording. Also sappororamen states that his recording is "Not our best recording (front row barrier) but still listenable".
As the recording by Gary Barrett is really good. So this one here might obviously be an upgrade.
Photograph of minidisc included.

Setlist (tape length 118:36):

01 crowd
02 Trampin'
03 Jubilee
04 Stride Of The Mind
05 Mother Rose
06 Bring It Up
07 Privilege (Set Me Free)
08 Space Monkey
09 Beneath The Southern Cross
10 Cash
11 Ye Jacobites By Name
12 My Blakean Year
13 Dancin' Barefoot
14 ?
15 Free Money
16 Peaceable Kingdom
17 Ghandi
18 People Have The Power
19 Trespasses
20 We Three
21 Gloria

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Band line-up:

Patti Smith - Vocals, Clarinet
Lenny Kaye - Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Oliver Ray - Guitar, Keyboards
Tony Shanahan - Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Jay Dee Daugherty � Drums, Percussion

Uploaded to DIME by Stacheleber 2015/03/02

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