Patti Smith
May 1, 2005
CBGB's, New York City, USA

(All the jpegs and FLAC files are identical to those in the previous torrent. I had to remove the .txt suffix from the Fingerprint filename, so I added the .md5 checksum and changed the info.txt file.)

SQ: Excellent, I rate it "A". Previous postings of this recording had nine hundred-something Dime snatches.

Audience recording of unknown lineage, CDRs I received by mail>EAC>Sound Forge>FLAC(level 8)

Artwork included; many thanks to G. The Cock for creating the very cool artwork!

Disc One 73:45
01 The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game 5:33
02 Redondo Beach 6:56
03 My Blakean Year 6:17
04 Ghost Dance* 7:15
05 Part Of The Union** 3:19
06 25th Floor 7:23
07 Space Monkey 6:58
08 Rhinestone Cowboy*** 5:47
09 Saturn Return 9:18
10 We Three 6:10
11 Ask The Angels 8:47

Disc Two 61:08
01 Ainít It Strange 7:53
02 Tammy 5:34
03 Because The Night* 4:24
04 Pissing In A River 8:21
05 Land > 14:04
06 Gloria 8:34
07 People Have The Power 8:53
08 Elegie 3:26
*w/Michael Stipe
**vocals by Lenny Kaye
***vocals by Tony Shanahan

Total 134:53
Size: 617MB

*Changes from original torrent*
I removed 0.242 seconds of silence at the start of disc 1, spliced together the discs @68:29.580, recombined and retracked every track, and moved 6 minutes of between-song talk that began disc 2 to the end of disc 1. I also removed silence at the two cuts: 1.28 seconds of silence removed d2t1@6:56.599; .83 seconds of silence removed d2t4@4:59.559

I apologize that I've forgotten the name of the taper, so I don't know who to credit for this fine recording!

Absolutely no selling! Please share freely. Please only convert to mp3 for your own use.

coyote 17 February 2008