Patti Smith
November 8, 2005
Tower Records, New York City, USA

(The FLAC and artwork files are identical to the previous torrent. I had to remove the .txt suffix from the Fingerprint filename, so I added the .md5 checksum, and changed the info.txt file.)

SQ: Excellent, I rate it "A", sound quality of a soundboard. Previous postings of this torrent received 215 Snatches.

Recorded and mastered by AJ

Lineage: Digital audience recording (DPA4060 mics upfront at the corner of stage right>Sony M1 DAT) master>CDR I got by mail directly from AJ>EAC>FLAC(level 8)

Artwork included; many thanks to G. The Cock for creating the very cool artwork!

01 intro 2:59
02 Redondo Beach 4:42
03 questions 3:14
04 Kimberly 4:59
05 questions 6:01
06 Wing 5:05
07 questions 9:12
08 Free Money 5:26
09 questions 8:28
10 Gloria 6:21

Time: 56:25
Size: 240MB

Absolutely no selling! Please share freely. Please only convert to mp3 for your own use.

coyote 15 August 2007

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