Patti Smith
BAM "Horses" show
December 1, 2005 7:30 pm
Howard Gilman Opera House, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York City, USA

(All the jpegs and FLAC files are identical to those in the previous torrent. I had to remove the .txt suffix from the Fingerprint filename, so I added the .md5 checksum and changed the info.txt file.)

SQ: Excellent, I rate it "A". The previous two postings of this torrent received 402 Snatches and remained on the tracker 614 days.

*Great* show.

Lineage: DPA 4060 mics(FOB)>Sony M1>edited with Cool Edit Pro>CDR my friend got directly from the taper>WAV files I received by mail on a DVD-R>FLAC(level 8)

Recorded and mastered by JJ/AJ, edited by AJ

Included: artwork by Georg

Disc One 58:08
Horses Set
01 Gloria 6:50
02 Redondo Beach 6:00
03 Birdland 9:59
04 Free Money 5:32
05 Kimberly 5:47
06 Notes December 1974 > Break It Up 5:27
07 Land > Gloria 14:20
08 Elegie* 4:08
*with Jay Dee Daugherty on bass, Flea on trumpet

Disc Two 50:12
Set Two
01 Are You Experienced? 8:28
02 Beneath The Southern Cross 6:48
03 Dancing Barefoot** 6:28
04 Because The Night 3:46
05 Pissing In A River 4:13
06 Babelogue > Rock & Roll Nigger 11:14
07 People Have The Power** 9:12
**with Jesse Smith on keyboards

Total: 108:20
Size: 572MB

Patti Smith: vocals
Lenny Kaye: guitar
Jay Dee Daugherty: drums & bass
Tony Shanahan: bass & keyboards
Tom Verlaine: guitar
Flea: bass & trumpet
Jesse Smith: keyboards

Absolutely no selling! Please share freely. Please only convert to mp3 for your own use.

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