Patti Smith
February 22, 2007
Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

*SBD/AUD Matrix mix*
I beg you, please do everything you can to keep this recording from showing up someplace like eBay, because I'd love to be able to share more of AJ's great work, and I will share more of his Patti Matrix mixes only under this condition: Absolutely no selling! If the band's wishes in this are disregarded, the well becomes dry, period. So please share freely only to those who will only share freely.

SQ: Excellent, I rate it "A".

Edited and mixed by AJ; many thanks AJ!

SBD/AUD Matrix mix my friend got by mail directly from AJ, CDR>CDR>EAC>FLAC(level 8)
SBD Source: SBD>SBM1(Sony Super Bit Mapper 1)>Sony M1 DAT
AUD source: Senn404 mics(just FOB)>BeyerMV100>Sony M1 DAT

Artwork included; many thanks to G. The Cock for creating the very cool artwork!

Disc One 57:16
01 Privilege 5:20
02 Redondo Beach 7:12
03 Grateful 5:23
04 Frederick 4:43
05 The Lovecrafter reading 2:36
06 1959 6:37
07 Southern Cross 8:33
08 Qana 5:29
09 Space Monkey 5:26
10 Dancing Barefoot 5:57

Disc Two 75:58
Set Two
01 My Blakean Year 9:11
02 We Three 5:51
03 Within You Without You* 5:53
04 Free Money 6:10
05 Pushin' Too Hard (Lenny vocals) 3:59
06 Kimberly 6:45
07 Pissing In A River 5:08
08 Because The Night 4:13
09 Soul Kitchen 9:54
10 Peaceable Kingdom 7:08
11 Gimme Shelter 6:41
12 Wing 5:04
*first time live

Total: 133:14
Size: 662MB

cut d2t10@5:29.46

Absolutely no selling! Please share freely. Please only convert to mp3 for your own use. Please support the artists.

coyote 28 August 2007

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