Patti Smith
May 10, 2007
Women’s Arts International Festival
Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, UK

Billed as a poetry reading, this was actually a full-band acoustic concert.

Lineage: Sony ECM-DS70P>Sony MZ-NH700 Minidisc(Hi-SP mode)>Cool Edit Pro>FLAC(level 8)

SQ: Good, I rate it "B" (I grade hard and use all the letters ABCDF)

Artwork included; many thanks to G. The Cock for creating the very cool artwork, I particularly love it!

Many thanks to the "Doodleshire Broadcast Company" for recording and mastering.

01 Prayer reading 2:59
02 Piss Factory reading 3:46
03 Midnight Rider 4:44
04 Dog Dream reading 1:39
05 To His Daughter reading 2:09
06 Worthy The Lamb Slain For Us reading 1:42
07 Helpless 6:06
08 Beneath The Southern Cross 7:23
09 High On Rebellion reading 2:22
10 Are You Experienced? 8:03
11 Geometry Ruin Blinked Unimaginable reading 3:21
12 Peaceable Kingdom > 4:27
13 People Have the Power reading 2:31
14 My Blakean Year 10:50
15 White Rabbit 7:11
16 The Writer's Song reading 1:43
17 Soul Kitchen 8:14

Time: 79:20
Size: 391MB

"Lenny and Jackson played acoustic guitars, Jackson occasional bass, Tony divided between keyboards and bass, Jay Dee moved between accordian, acoustic guitar and occasional bass."

"There are a few moments during the poetry readings that are so can hear the minidisc saving to disc. ...At the beginning of the show you'll hear her say "excuse me", that's where she noticed her zipper was undone and turns around to fix things up! A few comments about the lake district--well it rains a lot up here, hence the lakes, which she points out in her improvisation, and a few years back we had the foot and mouth disease which meant that thousands of farm animals had to be destroyed as well as most of the footpaths being prohibited to walk on. 'Doodleshire' is a bit of a current joke around here at the moment kind of a light-hearted attempt to set up a separatist state within the town! in honour of Dickie Doodle who, legend has it, in the 12th century was sent to Kendal by King Richard I with a Royal Charter to set up a mayoralty in the town. However, on arrival in the town, he became drunk in Kirkland and was chased across the River Kent where he established the county of Doodleshire with himself as mayor."

Absolutely no selling! Please share freely. Please only convert to mp3 for your own use.

coyote 21 May 2007