Patti Smith
Opening for the Black Crowes
October 31, 2008 (Halloween)
Hammerstein Ballroom (Manhattan Center)
New York City

Church Audio cardioid mic's > Pre-amp > Edirol R-09HR @ 24/96 > Adobe Audition 3 > downsampled and dithered to CD format 16/44 > CDwav > flac

1. Land (right into ->)
2. Gloria
3. Redondo Beach
4. Ghost Dance
5. Beneath the Southern cross
6. Dancin Barefoot
7. Because the Night
8. Smells like teen spirit w some Black Crowes
9. People Have the Power
10 Rock & Roll Nigger

The sound on this is good to a point. The recording, in the middle of a standup crowd on Halloween night, contains lots of chatter and shouts. Nothing to be done about it - it is what it is. Patti absolutely rocks though.

I intended to record The Black Crowes but had problems so I don't have a recording. I havent seen a recording from that night of their set. If one exists I hope someone posts it.