Patti Smith 2008-12-30
Bowery Ballroom
New York City, USA

AKG Bluelines -> Marantz PMD620* (48/24) ->
SF8 (dithering/noiseshaping/conversion to 44/16) ->
CDWave (tracking) -> Flac(lvl8) -> You
* Oade Perfomance mod

Taped by taperjon
tracks n' edits cc rider
t3chhnical advice Gordo55
Thanks AJ!

Artwork by G the Cock to follow...

01. She Lay in the Stream Dreaming of August Sander (poem)
02. In My Blakean Year (B-day intro)
03. Redondo Beach
04. Revenge
05 The Setting and the Stone (poem)
06. Lo and Beholden
07. Ravens*
08. Ain't it Strange
09. BOy Cried Wolf
10. Happy Birthday Patti
11. We Three
12. Are You Experienced?
13. Till Victory (Patti says Happy birthday to Karen)
14. Because the Night
15. Beneath the Southern Cross
16. Not Fade Away
17. Reach Out I'll Be There (Four Tops)

*JD on mandolin

disc split between tracks 8+9

Don't care what you do for personal use, but please don't

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