"chelS3A M3moRies"
Patti Smith 2009-08-15
Westhampton PAC
Westhampton, Long Island

"Sawed-off" NAK 700's -> Marantz PMD620 * (44/24) ->
SF6 (dithering/noiseshaping/conversion to 44/16) ->
CDWave (tracking) -> Flac (lvl8) -> You
* Oade Perfomance mod

Recording & mastering: gOrdO55

01. "Hello Everybody"
02. Piss Factory
03. Vecchia Zimarra #
04. Beneath the Southern Cross ##
05. Grateful ###
06. Birdland
07. Treat Me Like a Fool (T. Shanahan - vocals)
08. My Blakean Year
09. "Chelsea Memories" ->
10. White Rabbit
11. Redondo Beach
12. Pissing in a River
13. Because the Night
14. Peaceable Kingdom
15. Dancin' Barefoot
16. Power to the People *
17. Land -> Gloria
18. My Generation *

# "Goodbye Old Coat" from Puccini's "La Boheme"
## for Les Paul
### for Jerry Garcia

the band:
patti smith - vocals, guitars
lenny kaye - guitars
jay dee daugherty - drums
tony shanahan - bass, keyboards
jessie smith - keyboards
* mike campbell - guitar

great show, great night, great friends!
special shout-out to A.J., karen, taperjon and all the other usual suspects, new and old, including a certain "rooster", well-known on this board, who will be providing artwork later

thx to patti and the band for letting us do what we do

PLS...Trading only, absolutely no selling!


# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (http://www.md5summer.org)
# Generated 8/17/2009 10:11:38 PM

f0bf03c3dac08c9cefcf6876ef2a1da3 *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-01.flac
d11a1fb2ce27a9af6c789b39e6ce8d03 *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-02.flac
8e31023dd8282e853890638469a14d4e *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-03.flac
8d8e5d62a42e7813b5f41280d03e75db *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-04.flac
c45794e1e34c1892fd7ffd27c7ef64aa *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-05.flac
83c029194adf0cd9c2136c625f66cbff *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-06.flac
9b40c3e39765849c7d8fd605d7788174 *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-07.flac
a2cec071ec1e8923acc520383966a82e *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-08.flac
5967d6db76cb944f49ed3b88ab84398b *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-09.flac
5e59a0eea4d59e31a1cee16d58c56f70 *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-10.flac
4e241b3f40f47145d2571938f7035050 *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-11.flac
065392c89f0ee9d7b3aaef1d3533cf31 *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-12.flac
7f0683ffaf34e6c608a30a0ad1d96e8b *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-13.flac
fa39b933436294bed350f3402911124f *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-14.flac
5861be021369d8fd7a3928a2bbfb4641 *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-15.flac
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65a44ed21fd9deacf7e10de88ca3df6b *ps 2009-08-15nak700.16bit t-18.flac