Patti Smith
Serpentine Sessions
Hyde Park
London, UK
June 29th 2010

Outdoor (in a tent).

ZOOM H2: 16bit 44.1KHz, Low Mic Gain, Rear mic's > WaveLab > Flac

1. Ask the Angels
2. Redondo beach
3. My Blakean Year
4. Free Money
5. Play With Fire (Rolling Stones cover)
6. Space Monkey
7. People Who Died (Jim Carroll cover)
8. Till Victory
9. Beneath the Southern Cross
10. Dancing Barefoot
11. Because the Night
12. Pissing in a River
13. People Have the? Power
14. Perfect Day (Lou Reed cover)
15. Land/Gloria

Recorded from right hand side of tent.
Lots of talking around me (why go to a concert and talk!!!)

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