Patti Smith
Norwegian Wood Festival
Oslo, Norway

Master audience recording

Edirol R-09HR (internal mics) @24bit/44.1kHz > SD-card > PC > Audacity (lev.adj., EQ., tracking, conv. 16 bit, flac-lev8) > TLH (checksums) > Dime > You

01-Dancing Barefoot
02-Redondo Beach
03-My Blakean Year
04-Free Money
05-Ghost Dance
06-Pushin' Too Hard
07-Beneath the Southern Cross
08-Peaceable Kingdom
09-Ain't It Strange
10-Pissing In a River
11-Because the Night
12-People Have the Power
13-Rock 'n' Roll Nigger
14-Gloria - crowd - goodbay

Patti Smith : vocals, guitar
Lenny Kaye : guitar, vocals
Jay Dee Daugherty : drums
Tony Shanahan : piano, guitar, bass, vocals
Jack Petruzzelli : bass, guitar, vocals

Total time: 1:32:12
Data size (flac): 507MB

'Norwegian Wood' is an outdoor festival in Frognerparken, Oslo, Norway. It had been raining for two days. However, the rain stopped just in time for Patti and her band to enter the stage.

Patti and her band gave an excellent performance even if she mentioned she had a soar throat due to a cold. However I think her voice sounded very good. During 'Ain't It Strange' Patti and Lenny started to dance, challenging each other by movements while Lenny played a guitar solo. In the middle of this part Lenny fell on the stage floor but continued to play. The incident can be seen in a Youtube video here:

The recorder was set up with lo frequency roll off filter at 200Hz. The show was recorded holding the recorder by hand in the middle of the crowd near the right speaker stack (seen from the audience). There was a lot of talking and nearby handclapping, naturally also apparent in the recording. Unfortunately, it is some noise from a plastic bag at some very short parts of the recording, for instance at the intro to 'My Blakean Year'. Even then I consider the quality very good.

Levels has been raised and normalized. Some of the most heavy 'handclaps' has been attenuated. The level of a few of the tracks has been raised by approximately 3dB. A very slight mid-frequency boost was applied.


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Cheers, grohak
June 2011