patti smith and band
freiburg ( germany)

a hanwaker and juhab audience recording
source 1:hanwaker dpa4061->edirol 09
source 2 juhab aiwa ds6> zoom H2 ( starting 37 min into the show )

transfer and mastering notes 2012-07-05

the hanwaker source is missing the first minute of dancing barefoot and has several crackles throu out the first minutes
--some of the crackles i eliminated and you might think the cd jumps but that is the only fix possible....
...many (if not all) crackles in the later part [from tr 7 @~6.00] are fixed with juhabs master

SD-cards to HD-> audacity for mixing> wav>cswave> flac (8)

tt 114:22

01 dancing barefoot ( fades in)
03 redondo beach
04 free money
05 fuji-san
06 maria
08 ghost dance
09 beneath the southern cross
10 medley:night time (Strangeloves) > (we ain't got) nothin' yet (Blues Magoos) >
born to lose (Dee Dee Ramone) > pushin' too hard(Seeds)
11 this is the girl
12 because the night
13 pissing in a river
14 peaceable kingdom
15 gloria
16 -encore noise-
17 ?> people have the power >
18 rock'n'roll nigger
19 ?

if burning start cd2 w track 11

a hanwaker juhab1 production and sorry for the crackles
pics courtesy of a good friend who works the pit
uploaded to dime by hanwaker 2012-07