Wien (AUT)
Arena - Open Air

AUD1: Sony ECM-719 --> Edirol R-09HR
AUD2: Sony ECM-719 --> Sony Hi-MD MZ-RH1
Mixed in Audacity --> tracked in CD Wave Editor --> Flac Frontend (8)

Arena Open Air, fully packed with about 2.000 people, sometimes chatty audience but considering the many people the recording is "quite listenable". Make your own decision listening to the samples in the comment section....

IMHO the "older" Patti gets the better she sounds. Saw her 4 years ago at the same venue and was quite astonished about the


01 [Intro]
02 Fuji-San
03 Kimberly
04 "...the Arena is really one of my favorite places to play..."
05 April Fool
06 Redondo Beach
07 Free Money
08 "...prayer should not make people afraid..."
09 Ghost Dance
10 "...Christoph Schlingensief..."
11 Beneath The Southern Cross
12 "...Lenny Kaye..."
13 Lenny Kaye-Medley:
Night Time --> (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet --> Born To Lose --> Pushin' Too Hard
14 "...the other day Neil Armstrong passed away..."
15 Maria
16 "...about a young gypsy boy..."
17 Nine
18 Pissing In A River
19 Because The Night
20 "...take off my cloth...for 10 million dollars I would take them off..."
21 Peacable Kingdom
22 Gloria
23 [Encore Break]
24 "...whatever you fuckin' chord..."
25 Banga -->
26 People Have The Power -->
27 Rock 'n' Roll Nigger

TT: 01:51:03

Taped by elric66 and uploaded to dime 2012-08

Enjoy and don't do things you won't be proud of
(you know everything about selling, converting...)!