Patti Smith
"You still be forgiven"
Bourges Cathedral, Bourges, France
April 24, 2013

lineage: Olympus LS10 Recorder (internal mics) >16 bit 44.1 kHz >audacy >xAct >flac

1- Hello
2- Wing (dedicated to all children everywhere)
3- Dancing Barefoot (for Mary Magdalene)
4- My Blakean year
5- It's a dream (Neil Young)
6- Maria
7- Here comes the sun (for Richie Havens)
8- Ghost dance
9- Southern cross
10- Constantin dream (improvisation)
11- Peaceable kingdom (-> people have the power)
12- Pissing in a river
13- Because the night (to Frederick Smith)
14- People have the power

Patti Smith voice and guitar
Tony Shanahan : voice, guitar, piano

A magnificent setting for a very great time