Master Recording

Artist: Patti Smith
Date: 2013.07.12 (July 12Th 2013)
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Venue: Botaniska Tr�dg�rden
Source: Aud
Lineage: H2 Zoom > CD > You
Artwork: No
Quality: 4+ (out of 1 - 5)
Time: CD 1-55:19 min & CD 2-51:08 min


CD 1 -

01. Fredrick
02. Redondo Beach
03. April Fool
04. Privilege (Set Me Free)
05. - Edward Snowden Song -
06. Distant Fingers
07. Free Money
08. Ghost Town
09. This Is The Girl
10. Summertime Blues
11. Beneath The Southern Cross

CD 2 -
01. Talk Talk* (Cover by "The Music Machine")
02. Open Up Your Door* (Cover by "The Romantics")
03. Open My Eyes* (Cover by "Nazz")
04. Pscychotic Reaction* (Cover by "Count Five")
05. Dancing Barefoot
06. Pissing In A River
07. Because The Night
08. Gloria
09. Banga
10. People Have The Power
11. Rock n Roll Nigger


On a sunny friday evening, Patti Smith took the stage and
she was just amazing. Great show, great songs and great sound.

This was recorded about 10 meter from the stage. There are some
talk and clapping, but nothing really to loud.

* These songs were apart of a Medley and some call it:
"The Nuggets Medley"