Patti Smith
Mnjadra Megalithic Temples
Qrendi, Malta
9 April 2014 [outdoor]

Official information: Poetry Evening with Patti Smith. Inizjamed and Kinemastik invite you to the evening of poetry with Patti Smith on Wednesday, 9th April 2014 at Mnajdra Temples, at 7pm. The entrance fee is 5 euros and all the profit will go towards conservation and management of Mnajdra and Hagar Qim. Since the space is quite small, we can host only a limited number of people so it has to be first come first served kind of thing, unfortunately. We're placing 150 seats there so thats roughly the number of guests. Few important notes: Mnajdra is about 500 meters below Hagar Qim. Wise man once told me: "if you want to walk that path, try and avoid high heels." Spoke to that wise man on the phone yesterday, he said: "tell them to get a torch, that path has no light." Dress well, it may get windy, do not smoke or drink inside and be kind to elderly.

BT172-BI [omnis, wind-screened] > Sony PCM-M10 mic-in 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, Limiter ON, Low-Cut filter OFF > WAV > CEP 2.1 trimmings > Audacity 2.0.3 High Pass Filter 6db/Octave, cut-off 700Hz, dynamic compression on audience peaks, normalisation to 0dB > Wave Repair 4.9.3 indexing > Flac level 8

01. intro
02. Wing
03. Ghost Dance
04. Reflecting Robert [poem]
05. On the temples (improvisation) > My Blakean Year*
06. Misery Is**
07. Story of the temple carver**
08. Beneath the Southern Cross
09. Dancing Barefoot
10. Banga

* Patti removes foam cover from her microphone
** Live debut
*** Attached photo of Patti using her Polaroid before the concert

Band members:
Lenny Kaye: guitar
Tony Sanahan: guitar, bass
Filip Zielinski: guitar during Banga

Total running time: 50 min
Mnjadra Megalithic Temples:

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