Patti Smith
Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris, France
10 July 2014

Hommage à Artavazd Pelechian - Honoring Artavazd Pelechian

lineage: Olympus LS10 Recorder (internal mics) >16 bit 44.1 kHz >audacy >xAct >flac

01- Introduction
02- Seneca
03- Grateful
04- Marcel Proust birthday => My Blakean year
05- Reading (Sorry I don't recognize the book and its author)
06- Beneath the Southern Cross
07- People have the power (words)
08- A song by Patrick Wolf (sorry I don't know its title)
09- Dancing Barefoot
10- Tarkosvky (The Second Stop is Jupiter)
11- Improvising (on a swan and Perceval)
12- Projection of the movie 'Inhabitants" with words clarinet and violin

Patti Smith : Clarinet, Guitar
Patrick Wolf : Harp, Violin, Guitar

A inspired evening, finishing on a powerful improvisation

The Armenian-born Artavazd Pelechian was in the room.
The evening started and finished with the projection of his movie "Inhabitants" that it is possible to see on internet