Patti Smith
performing "Horses" and more
Munich, Germany, Tollwood Summerfestival 2015
Olympiapark South

Audio attributes:
Audio coding mode: uncompressed wav (linear PCM)
Recording sampling rate: 44,1kHz/16 bit
Sampling rate of flac files: 44,1kHz/16 bit
Number of audio channels: 2.0
no mastering/editing except amplifying (+6 dB) and normalizing to 100%
recorded by: rebelrivers
Audio Quality: A

Linage: DPA4061-->XLR-Adapter DAD 6001-->ZoomH4n-->SDCard--->USB2.0--->HDD
--->track-splitting with Adobe Audition 3.0
flac/ compression level 5--->Dime--->you
recorded by: rebelrivers
recording position: seating area platform, centre of the stage
(distance to stage ca. 50m, distance to second stack row, located over the soundboard: ca. 20 m)

01 Intro
"Horses" - complete album
02 Gloria
03 Redondo Beach
04 Birdland
05 Free Money
06 Kimberley
07 Break it Up
08 Land...into Gloria (Reprise)
09 Elegie
additional set
10 Privileg (Set Me Free)
11 Ain't It Strange
12 Band Introduction
13 Rock & Roll / Waiting for the Man / White Light-White Heat (The Velvet Underground Medley)
14 Summer Cannibals
15 Patti Talks about her lost voice and Waltraud Meier
16 Southern Cross
17 People Have The Power
18 Encore break
19 My Generation

Patti Smith - vocals, guitar (16, 18)
Lenny Kaye - guitars, bass, backing vocals, lead vocals (13)
Tony Shanahan - keybord, bass, backing vocals, lead vocals (13)
Jack Petruzzelli - bass, guitars, keyboard, backing vocals, lead vocals (13)
Jay Dee Daugherty - drums, bass (09)

It was the third time, I saw Patti and her band in 2015. The two shows at Primavera Festival, Barcelona, just were great - but Munich was excellent.
Maybe the most incredible and most impressive performance of Patti since I saw her on February 8th 2008, at Passionskirche Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.
And I saw her 16 times from that date on.

I agree withthe review, published in the newspaper "Munich Merkur":
"A 68-year-old punk Senior, so snotty, so unyielding, so credible as once with 28?
Who saw Patti Smith with her rousing concert at a packed Tollwood tent knows: it may go well!"
another review can be found here:
both reviews are in German

Support Patti and her band - go and see their shows
Never ever sell this recording