Patti Smith And Her Band
Tollhaus Kulturzentrum, Karlsruhe, Germany
July - 21 - 2015

Patti Smith And Her Band perform Horses at the Zeltival Karlsruhe

from MILAVALENTI collection # 17

Master audience recording.
Recording equipment: Recorder: Plextalk PTP1, Mike: OKM II Rock (in ear mike)

Recording location: Right in the middle of the room, approx. 15 meters in front of the stage.
The place was very crowded.

Rec. Info:
Recorder to PC -> wav-file -> Magix Music Cleaning Lab (edit/remaster) -> FLAC (44,1 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo) -> DIME
Ex sound, some minor EQ done (treble lifted a bit). Overall great sound but the sound level of the band was quite low and the audience near the taper
was very noisy so where possible the audience noise was levelled down. Unfortunately there was a shouter/clapper left of the taper who is yelling and clapping
a lot also during the tracks.

Fantastic show but what made it very special is the fact that it was a hot summer night with 35 �C outside and inside it would rate it as felt 40�C.
So the sweat was running down from us like water and created little lakes around us. I guess the band had the same problem but nevertheless played
a very intense and joyous set. The location is great with a very familiar feeling (especially the nice beer and wine boulevard outside) and there is
an empore at the back of the hall. I think it must have been 50 �C up there and Patti is mentioning during the first part of the show (after she had put on her glasses):

"Hi I just saw all of you up there. I thought it was a painting. Now it's a moving painting. Ho..Hi!"

And this sort of symbolizes the whole concert as Patti was very relaxed and always good for a joke.
For all you you who have not been attanding one of the shows of this tour:

Patti played the Horses album first in total. She even mentioned that after track 4 (Free Money) the record now will be turned over to play the B-side.
Then a great and very intense version of Beneath The Southern Cross was given. After the song Patti took a short break which was used by the band to play
a Velvet Underground medley ("one of the greatest bands which came out of NYC").
When Patti was back 2 more well known songs (Because The Night, People Have The Power) were performed and after a short break the grand finale with
of furious version of My Generation with Patti ripping off every string of her guitar at the end.

A nice detail was also that the band members changed instruments which each other during the show (see notification below at the band line-up)

Attached are some photos of the show I found in the web and the ticket scan.

The next upload will be a very special matrix of the same show.

Setlist (tape length 92:35 min.)

01 Gloria
02 Redondo Beach
03 Birdland
04 Free Money
05 Kimberly
06 Break It Up
07 Land / Gloria (Reprise)
08 Elegie*
09 Beneath The Southern Cross


10 Rock & Roll
11 I�m Waiting For The Man
12 White Light-White Heat

13 Because The Night
14 People Have The Power
15 encore call
16 My Generation

the band:

Patti Smith - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Lenny Kaye - guitars, bass, backing vocals, lead vocals**
Tony Shanahan - keybord, bass, backing vocals, lead vocals**
Jack Petruzzelli - bass, guitars, keyboard, backing vocals, lead vocals**
Jay Dee Daugherty - drums, bass*

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