Patti Smith
Teatro Romano
Verona, Italy
June 11, 2019
(MRDR Master Series Volume 45)

Recording: Sony ECM717 microphone > Zoom

Transfer: Zoom Master > .wav file transfer > iZotope RX and Ozone 5 (mastered) >
Peak Pro XT (post production) > xACT 2.37 > FLAC

01 Wing
02 Ghost Dance
03 My Blakean Year
04 Dancing Barefoot
05 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
06 Beneath The Southern Cross
07 I'm Free > Walk On The Wild Side
08 It's A Dream
09 Happy Birthday
10 Perfect Day
11 Pissing In A River
12 Because The Night (Fals Start)
13 Because The Night
14 Gloria
15 Can't Help Falling In Love
16 People Have The Power

Known Faults:

Welcome back to Volume 45 of the MRDR Master Series, we once again feature Patti Smith on
her "Words & Music" Tour. This is the third show we've presented the other two being
the 2018 Christmas editions.

Once again the brothers MR & DR do an exceptional job capturing the night's proceedings
on both Zoom and Mini-Disc along with beautiful photos we've used on the covers.

Patti seems a little less on the words portion than the previous shows and a little more
on the music portion. We also get a one-off "Happy Birthday" sang to Patti's booking
agent's father's 80th birthday.

All thanks to MR & DR for their continued exceptional work and brining these great shows
to us all!

Samples and artwork provided...


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