Patti Smith & Her Band
Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA
06 May 2000

This set was recorded old school to mini-disc when I first started recording. This is a new recording to hard drive in Jan 2016 from the original minidisc.

Once on my Mac I cut it into tracks and exported to FLAC with Amadeus Pro 2. Fingerprints created with xACT; Torrent file ands upload facilitated with Transmit.

I am providing standard CD quality output. If you do not like the way I record or the equipment I use, wait for another upload.

As I said this was a very early recording for me, so I am still getting a feel for sound and mics etc. This is the Gung Ho tour and there is a cool mix of old and new,plus a great cover of Be My Baby.

I hope you Enjoy!


01-Wicked Messenger
02-One Voice
03-Lo and Beholden
04-Dead City
05-Redondo Beach
06-Be My Baby
07-Summer Canibals
08-Boy Cried Wolf
09-Beneath the Southern Cross
10-Looking for You
12-Don't Say Nothng
13-About a Boy
14-Dancing Barefoot
15-Gone Pie
17-Glitter in their Eyes
18-Free Money
19-Wild Leaves
20-Gung Ho
21-People Have the Power
22-Pissing in a River
23-rap - Babelogue - Rock n Roll Nigger

PS: Please Don't Sell This

PSS: For the inevitable requests;
I’m really sorry but I can’t offer other bit depths. There is only so much time in the day and I love to contribute music to this venue and hope that folks enjoy these shows too. So I put to the best of what I have and hope users will take a little effort to get the output files they need. It should be a one step process, I know it is with the Mac based software recommended below. I hope it is just as easy with the windows options.

On the Mac I think XLD is great; you give it a batch of files and it will out put pretty much what ever you need and will easily convert these 24bit flacs to 16bit AIFFs you can burn to CD. It will also allow you to clean up the metadata if you roll that way. Right click to apply to batch. While definitely worth a donation it is totally free, check it out.

For windows, I would love to hear more current suggestions but I have always heard great things about Traders Little Helper. But I do not use it nor am I 100% sure that it will take a 24bit flac and give your a 16bit wav in one motion. I have also heard good things about I also had recommended as a straight bit conversion for free that will take what I gave and give you swell CD quality. GO!

As with all of this windows stuff all the same caveats apply - I don’t use it and have not tried it. Still I would continue to welcome any current confirmation or commentary to help make this note more helpful.