Patti Smith & Her Band

Sala Grande, Arena Del Sole
Bologna, Italy

April 5, 2008

Stereo audience recording

Coresound binaurals (no bass roll off) > M-Audio Microtrack II (WAV 16/44,1) >
Soundforge 9 (level and balance adjustment) > FLAC Frontend level 8 (FLAC)

Disc One:
01 - Kimberly
02 - Are You Experienced?*
03 - Ghost Dance*
04 - Within You Without You*
05 - Wing**
06 - Beneath The Southern Cross**
07 - Frederick
08 - Paths That Cross*
09 - Dancing Barefoot
10 - Smells Like Teen Spirit*

Disc Two:
01 - Because The Night
02 - People Have The Power
03 - audience
04 - Gimme Shelter***
05 - Rock'n'Roll Nigger***

* w/Giovanni Sollima
** w/Tom Verlaine
*** w/Jimmy Rip

Completely different night, not only setlist wise but concerning the audience!
From Dancing Barefoot onwards anybody was standing and dancing - you'll hear a lot of
handclapping and shouting and the band took the feeling and did absolute killer versions
of Gimme Shelter and Rock'n'Roll Nigger - you should play it loud but take care for your
pets and children - at the end of Nigger there were 5 electric guitars blowing our socks off!
Simply amazing!!!

Many many thanks to appleberry for making all these things possible!

I dedicate this recording to my beloved wife Iris, who where with me in Bologna and is
becoming a real Patti Smith fan these days... I love you!!!

Artwork is included of course - sound samples under comments.

stoned greetings
G. The Cock