Patti Smith and Her Band
Bowery Ballroom, New York City


AKG Blu-lines -> Beyer Dynamics MV100 -> Oade-mod'd PMD 620 ->
Soundforge 8.0-> CDWave -> Flac 8

Taped and transferred by cc rider

So here we have Patti's New Year's run opening night; the "get the bugs out night", or as she
called it, her "comedy night". Be warned: if you are partial to Patti's sense of humor, then
you'd best be careful if you're sitting in front of your computer drinking coffee, beer, or whatnot,
there's a couple moments that caused me to step away from the mics, so I could have a good laugh.
I don't want to be responsible for ruining anyone's keyboard. Even her mistakes were funny, for
example: the intro to 'Blakean Year'.

But all kidding aside, there are many fine versions of songs in this show. Patti rocks Summer Cannibals
and R&R Nigger with a vengeance, the lovely (and not played often enough, IMO) Mother Rose,
Smokin'renditions of Pissing in a River and Dancing Barefoot...well, if you're more than a strictly
casual fan, you'll need to hear this one.

Huge thanks to taperjon for loaning me his deck, and "hey!" to all our Bowery friends, old and new.
I'll try to stop now, before they call the department of redundancy department on me, but mostly I want to
thank a special person without whom this would not be possible.

Peace, y'all


01. Summer Cannibals *
02. Kimberly *
03. Break it Up (false start) #
04. My Blakean Year (Holden Caulfield intro) #
05. Free Money *
06. Mother Rose # +
07. Strawberry Fields Forever # +
08. Pissing in a River *
09. we Ain't Got Nothing Yet (Blue Magoos) [Lenny- vocals]
10. Beneath the Southern Cross #
11. Daydream Believer (Patti & Tony duet) *
12. Dancing Barefoot (w/. "Annunciation" rap)
13. Reading from "Just Kids" -> Because the Night #
14. Poem (improv?)-> Rock and Roll Nigger

Patti Smith
Lenny Kaye-guitars
Jay Dee Daugherty-drums
Tony Shanahan-bass/keys
Jack Petruzzelli-guitars

Opening Act:
The Dustbusters w/. John Cohen (New Lost City Ramblers)


* Jack Petruzzelli (Fab FaUx) - bass

+ Lenny - bass

# Jack Petruzzelli - guitar