Patti Smith & her Band
The Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY
Thu, 30 Dec 2010

AKG Blu-lines -> Oade-mod'd PMD 620 ->
SF 8.0 (minor editing*/dithering/noise-shaping and BR conversion) ->

Description includes no setlist for those that like to be surprised.
Setlist IS IN the text file included for those that don't.

Patti returns to the "Ballroom" for her annual birthday soiree.
Three words - GET THIS NOW! The show includes powerful renditions
of several favorites and covers of the Blues Magoos, Beatles, Monkees
and Bob Dylan. The Dylan cover is sublime - the best version I've
heard since Nanci Griffith's version with Carolyn Hester.

01. Dustbusters intro: When I'm 64 (Beatles)
02. Ask The Angles
03. Redondo Beach
04. Intro -> My Blakean Year
05. Break It Up
06. Birdland
07. Strawberry Fields (Beatles)
08. Summer Cannibals
09. Letter to Robert Mapplethorpe (reading)
10. Wild Leaves
11. Beneath the Southern Cross
12. We Ain't Got Nothing Yet (Blues Magoos) Lenny-vocals
13. "Happy Birthday"
14. Boots of Spanish Leather (Bob Dylan) Patti-vocals & Lenny-guitar
15. Dancin' Barefoot
16. Pissing in the River
17. Because the Night
18. Gloria
***** encore *****
19. Daydream Believer (Monkees)
20. People have the Power

* Edits:
- Gave a haircut to a few peaks, then bumped and balanced levels, as necessary.
- Patti and Lenny duet upped 8 db to bring it up in the mix.

Patti Smith
Lenny Kaye-guitars
Jay Dee Daugherty-drums
Tony Shanahan-bass/keys
Jack Petruzzelli-guitars

Opening Act:
The Dustbusters

Remember: FOR TRADING ONLY- bad karma - involving mercenary bedbugs - to anyone who
ignores this...do so at your peril.

Shoutouts to all the usual suspects - TJ, CCRider, Bilham, Karen, Kim, Ariel and
Jamie & Amy (new, this year). "Happy Birthdays" to Patti, Karen, "Mike & Davy".

Special thanks to AJ (lookin' great!) and, as always, the Band!


"Courtney Dorkus come to the rear of the train please..."