Patti Smith and her Band
K�ln, Germany
23. Juni 2015

minimax master-series #488

Master - Audience recording
Genre: punk-poetry
Taping-location: 3rd row, middle of the audience, left side
Catering: mineral water, tuc-cracker
Weather-condition: 17�C, cloudy
Sound-quality: excellent
Event: free open air
Visitors: about 2000 people
Equipment: Zoom H4N � Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8

concert-info: what to say about this one that you didn't know in advance? Patti and Band performing their first album �Horses� in complete and some more songs. And they made it well. Patti is still the power-women recking her fists, shouting, talking (and spitting) with such an high energy and expressivity (if this word really exists!?) -wow! The band did a powerful Velvet Underground-medley. Patti missed to add Sterling Morrison at �requiem�.
This one is definitive dedicated to Bernhard Z. - who liked this women over so many years. And in his memory they played The WHOs �My Generation� as the encore in a great and destructive version. Bernhard did love this one here listening to it from heaven above.

Including Cover-Artwork!


Patti Smith


(don't wonder if it all starts with track 02 � I started to record too early so I cut some minutes before the official start out)

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