"We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together"
Patti Smith w/ Bruce Springsteen & John Cale
"Original Master Series"
The Bottom Line
New York, NY
November 26, 1976

Recorded in stereo with a Sony 158SD

Disc One

01 Monologue 17:17

02 My Car Was Invisible 4:22

03 Case of Bruce Springsteen

w/Bruce on piano

04 Jesse James w/Bruce on piano 8:56

05 We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together
w/Bruce on piano 4:09

06 Redondo Beach 4:00

07 Ask The Angels 5:26

08 Time Is On My Side 5:49

09 Playing with Fire 2:33

10 Pumping 4:03

11 You Can Dig It w/Bruce on guitar 10:03

Disc Two

01 Ain't It Strange w/Bruce on guitar 11:40

02 Radio Ethiopia/Rock n Roll Nigger 18:42

03 Gloria 6:59

04 My Generation w/Bruce 4:34

In 1976 after successfully touring America and Europe, Patti Smith returned to the studio and recorded
her second album titled “Ethiopia Radio.” Patti was no stranger to the New York music scene and her
Bottom Line shows were legendary. In those days the artist usually did two shows and several nights at
the same venue. On the 26th of Novemember 1976, Patti Smith performed with special guests Bruce Springsteen
on guitar and piano and John Cale also on piano. John Cale co-founded the Velvet Underground, is a solo
performer in his own right and produced many great albums, including Patti Smith’s “Horses.” This is the
early show coming from original master tapes.

Rob- Fanatic Records

January 2009