Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Live at the Unicorn Coffee House
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Spring 1966 (possibly May 18, 1966)


01 - Instrumental 1:28
02 - Look Over Yonders Wall 2:08
03 - Born In Chicago 4:13
04 - Love Her With A Feeling 5:40
05 - Get Out Of My Life Woman 3:24
06 - Never Say No (Elvin Bishop - vocals) 3:42
07 - One More Heartache 3:42
08 - Work Song 12:33
09 - Coming Home Baby 7:17
10 - Serves You Right To Suffer 2:47
11 - I Got A Mind To Give Up Living 6:36
12 - Walking By Myself 4:36
13 - If You See My Baby (Mike Bloomfield - vocals) 3:55
14 - World Is In An Uproar (Mike Bloomfield - vocals) 4:18
15 - In The Midnight Hour (Jerome Arnold - vocals) 3:30
16 - You're So Fine (Elvin Bishop - vocals) 3:08
17 - Got My Mojo Working 5:13


Paul Butterfield: Harmonica and vocals
Mike Bloomfield: Guitar and vocals
Elvin Bishop: Guitar and vocals
Jerome Arnold: Bass
Mark Naftalin: Organ
Bill Davenport: Drums


-- I downloaded this from DIME June 11, 2007 (Torrent #150361)

Notes from original torrent at EZTree: "I have seen this up here before. Thought I would put up my copy so that everyone gets a good upgrade.This was done with 2 mics and a reel to reel. Most people list it as a soundboard. I knew the taper and this is what he used. It is up to you as to how it is listed."

"2nd Gen Maxell tape @7 1/2 ips (Technics 1506) to Tascam Prof CD Recorder > CDWav > Flac"

"There was 'no' editing performed on this by me! Each set was on one side of the reel. I never used noise reduction and all my tapes are at 7 ips. Nothing has been edited out or EQd."


-- Some noise reduction with Cool Edit Pro 2.0 to reduce the tape hiss.

-- Segment of show with bad static was processed with ClickRepair 1.3.1 (w/ Pitch Protection active and DeClick set to 35). There was still some static remaining which I was able to remove with the Click/Pop tool in Cool Edit Pro 2.

-- Tape dropouts and other anomalies were repaired manually using Cool Edit Pro 2.0

-- Tape volume was evened out manually

-- Segments between songs with tuning and long pauses were trimmed so that the entire show would fit on a single CD.

For more information on the performances and recordings of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band in 1966 & 1977, check out the following website:

For more information on this particular performance you can check the webpage at


I Got A Mind To Give Up Living:

Love Her With A Feeling:


My intention in remastering this torrent was primarily to remove the static from the otherwise best version of this show I've heard (obviously sourced from a low generation reel-to-reel tape). But I also like to put together CD's that sound great on my stereo in the living room, in my car, and between sets at the clubs I frequent. These are digital files and the originals are intact, to be archived forever. What I've uploaded is an edited and remastered version which is in the best tradition of party tapes. Pop this in your car for a long drive and the miles will melt away. Enjoy!