Paul Butterfield's Better Days
location and venue unknown

01 Piano intro.
02 He's Got All the Whiskey
03 Nobody�s Fault But Mine
04 Please Send Me Somebody To Love

The above mystery tracks material was shared by fshurrat. These were shared with Better Days' 1973-12-30 KSAN broadcast.
However, a discovery of a much improved pre-FM of that 12-30-73 broadcast was discovered.
Therefore they were no longer part of this, and only these mystery tracks remain.
I changed the FLAC titles, but not the contents of them. I also made a new MD5 to reflect this change.
That's about it! Enjoy these! .. and thanks again fshurrat!!

fshurrat's info. ...
"...So I�m trying to figure out where the tracks come from.
I can tell you that they are not officially released,
even as bonus tracks to cd releases of the two Better Days albums (and there are bonus tracks on both cds, Louise, Small Town Talk and single version of New Walkin Blues according to

I can tell you that two of the three songs are not a part of the Better Days set on the Bonnie Raitt/Better Days torrent from Los Angeles. I can tell you that the timings on the tracks for the Live at the Winterland release that is currently available at Wolfgang�s Vault ( are not the same as the timings of these tracks...But I can�t tell you where the tracks were performed, recorded or when.

One of the people I contacted said they played a gig at Harvard Square in Cambridge that was sponsored by a local Boston radio station, but didn�t know if it was broadcast. Radio stations sponsoring rock shows is fairly common. I would guess that most of the concerts were sponsored by the local radio station. And I can�t find an itinerary for Better Days."