Paul deLay Tribute
Featuring Andy Stokes, Lisa Mann, LaRhonda Steele, and Saeeda Wright and more.
Waterfront Blues Festival
Portland, OR.
July 4, 2017

Here it is again this year, Waterfront Blues Festival. I'm not going to be recording much this year. I'm just to busy with family and retirement. The radio station is still cutting in at weird time to announce all the station call numbers. To me it's an annoyance. I'll try to edit these out if possible.

Cheers to all, twofthrs

JUST THIS ONE celebrates Portland�s own harmonica and songwriting hero Paul deLay�who passed away 10 years ago this spring from leukemia� with a stage full of hometown all-stars to sing, shout, and dance their way through a set of Paulzilla�s best songs. Andy Stokes, Lisa Mann, LaRhonda Steele, and Saeeda Wright sing Paul�s great tunes, backed by Dave Fleschner, Hank Shreve, Carlton Jackson, Freddy Trujillo, and Ben Rice. Maybe some guest stars, too. And a special number from United By Music. That�s multiple Blues Music and Muddy award-winners giving their all for Paul.

Part of a developing musical theatre production by Portland playwright Wayne Harrel, JUST THIS ONE shows how deLay�s poignant words, hilarious rhymes, and soulful melodies continue to touch hearts and minds a decade after his untimely death. �Fourteen Dollars in the Bank�, �Maybe Our Luck Will Change�, �Chalk and Roll��s hard to keep it to just one set. Join the cast afterwards at the Crossroads stage for more songs and stories from the life of Paul deLay.

Set List
01 Beautiful Bones ?
02 Love On A Roll
03 I'll Quit You Tomorrow
04 What Went Wrong
05 Slip, Stumble, Fall
06 Mayby Our Luck Will Change
07 Chalk & Roll
08 Fourteen Dollars in the Bank
09 Ocean Of Tears
10 I'm Gonna Miss Talkin' To You
11 Unknown
12 Over & Done (cut out for announcer)
13 I Win