Paul McCartney And Wings - Mega-rare restored LP "Belgium '72" University of Hull, Hull UK 1972-02-11 speed-corrected and rejoined - read notes (mp3 sample included

This is a very heavily-processed title. My copy although nearly brand new, was pressed in CBM's horrible fashion. This recording sustained multiple EQ and click removal passes, noise reduction and editing to bring it somewhat to life. It still isn't perfect, but it's listenable to. You could say it started as a 2 and now is a 4. Why would I even do that? Anytime a band performs in this bad a fashion, hey at least it's worth a try.

Wings are presented here on their third attempt at a live concert. They are so ridiculously under rehearsed that they sound like a junior-high school band (think 14 year olds). You might even find it funny. I know I did.

You've been warned otherwise. Listen to the sample before downloading!

True Setlist (Runtime about 39 minutes):

Give Ireland Back To The Irish
Your Wee Tobacco Box
Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Band Introductions
Help Me
Some People Never Know
The Mess
Bip Bop
Say Darling (Thank You Darling)
Smile Away
My Love (cut)


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