Paul Simon
Aichi-ken Taiikukan
Nagoya, Japan
April 5, 1974

Transfer: .wav file > Peak Pro 6 (pitch adjusted) > iZotope RX / ozone 5 (mastered) > Peak Pro 6 (post production) > xACT 2.39 > FLAC

01 Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
02 Was A Sunny Day > Cecilia
03 Homeward Bound
04 American Tune
05 El Condor Pasa (If I Could)
06 Duncan *
07 Death In Santa Cruz (Urabamba solo) *
08 Kapchapari (Urabamba solo) *
09 Scarborough Fair *
10 The Boxer *
11 Mrs. Robinson
12 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
13 I Am A Rock
14 Kodachrome
15 Mother & Child Reunion **
16 The Sounds Of Silence **
17 What Do You Call Him **
18 Jesus Is The Answer **
19 Bridge Over Troubled Water **
20 Love Me Like A Rock **
21 Bye Bye Love
22 America

* w/Urabamba
** w/Jessy Dixon Singers

Known Faults:
-Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard: start cut
-Kapchapari: end only
-What Do You Call Him: start cut

After sharing Paul Simon's Detroit stop on his 1974 tour, which you can find here:, we received a few requests for any of the Japanese shows mentioned in the notes. Though I currently don't have access to the more common Tokyo shows, I was able to locate in MR's extensive collection the less common Nagoya show which we are pleased to offer here.

The second of at least four Japanese performances during this leg of the tour and taking place two months after the Detroit show, this show is substantially longer with changes to the set.

In addition to re-arranging the set, gone are "Run That Body Down", "St. Judy's Comet" (sadly) and "Something So Right". Added are "Cecilia" transitioning from "Was A Sunday", "Scarborough Fair", "I Am A Rock", "What Do You Call Him", "Jesus Is The Answer" (both featuring The Jessy Dixon Singers in lead roles), "Love Me Like A Rock" and "Bye Bye Love".

The feel of the show and taping location is similar but slightly better than Detroit. There is less tape hiss than Detroit but also needed a healthy pitch adjustment.

Thanks once again to my 30+ year trading partner MR for his generosity in supplying us shows.

Samples and artwork included...


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