Paul Simon
July 8, 2018
Ziggo Dome

Source: TASCAM DR-40 (16/44.1wav)
Edited in Cubase (reducing noice with compression, volume changes and left and right replacements)
WAV to FLAC level 8 (Traders Little Helper)

Notes: Recorded from row 8. The sound in Ziggo Dome was excellent, I tried to direct my mics to the speaker above me as much as I could
with many songs but especially some later upbeat songs where I took my recorder on my neck there is a little more indirect signal on those.
Besides this there is sometimes a metally sound from the attached clip near my mic (mostly on a few upbeat songs where I'm moving) which
I just noticed afterwards, but it's not too bad I think most of the time and I tried to reduce this when it was a little too loud by replacing
the left channel with the right channel input (this noise was mostly on the left mic). I reduced too loud clapping and screaming with
compression and/or volume control. Enjoy!


01 America
02 Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover
03 The Boy In The Bubble
04 Dazzling Blue
05 That Was Your Mother
06 Rewrite
07 Mother And Child Reunion
08 Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
09 Rene And Georgette Margritte With Their Dog After The War
10 Can't Run But
11 Bridge Over Troubled Water
12 Wristband
13 Spirit Voices
14 The Obvious Child
15 Questions For The Angels
16 The Cool Cool River
17 Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
18 You Can Call Me Al
19 Gumboots
20 Still Crazy After All These Years
21 Graceland
22 Homeward Bound
23 Kodachrome
24 The Boxer
25 American Tune
26 Old Friends
27 The Sound Of Silence