Paul Westerberg
Unintentionally - Demos '80-'82

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01. It's Hard To Wave In Handcuffs
02. Piano Noises
03. Bad Worker #1
04. Bad Worker #2
05. Your Getting Married (aka Don't Get Married)
06. Hold Me In Suspension
07. Gimme Torture
08. A Little Bit Drunk #1
09. A Little Bit Drunk#2
10. Paul Tunes Up
11. A Little Bit Drunk #3
12. All That We've Been Through
13. Still Be Waiting #1
14. Still Be Waiting #2
15. I Wish You Were Lonely
16. Still Be Waiting #3
17. If Only You Were Lonely
18. Fuck School
19. Gas Station Attendant
20. Behind My Back
21. Mama Said
22. Instrumental
23. Never Fit In
24. Cool My Jets
25. Answering Machine #1
26. Answering Machine #2

I just noticed that track 18 Fuck School is Gas staion attendant duplicated. I left it as is so the tracks are correct if someone wants the cover from site.
Paul's solo show 10/17/82 First Ave MLPS is attached to the end. I left it off as it was posted at Dime until recently. Don't know if this one has come up before but it's worth a listen.

John(aka Doorjam)