Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie
Long Branch Park
Liverpool, New York, USA
Sunday, 13 July 1984

01. intro
02. The Midnight Special
03. The Green Grass Grew All Around
04. Freight Train
05. Pretty Boy Floyd
06. Buffalo Skinners
07. Oklahoma Hills
08. My Rainbow Race
09. This Old Man
10. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
11. talk
12. All Over The World
13. Oh Mom
14. City of New Orleans

Audience > Cassette Master > Cassette > Cassette

Nakamichi CR-1A (cassette playback) > Zoom H5 > wavs (44.1/16bit) > Reaper 5.978 (tracking) > wavs (still 44.1/16bit ;) > TLH > flacs (level 8)

This is the first 45 minutes of a concert that probably lasted 90 minutes or longer. It took place outdoors in a park on Onondaga Lake near Syracuse on one particularly hot Sunday afternoon in July. There is a note on the box that says '2nd gen', but no other recording info. The crowd noise is a bit loud in spots (thankfully it provides a few laughs!), but they tend to keep it down during the songs. Not a bad listen overall, sonically speaking. Content-wise, I was struck by how much of this resonates today - maybe even stronger - some 50 years on. The world could use another Pete Seeger, or three, right about now. (A few more Arlo's wouldn't hurt either.) Cheers!