Peter Stampfel

February 07, 1999
Hoboken, NJ

Recording: SBD > Master Source
Transfer: unknown

Master Recording & transfer by Anonymous
Source provided by Ted Mattes
Edited & Mastered with Adobe Audition by Joe Noel
December 02, 2020

- Most of the source material in this series originated from Master DATs but some are cassettes & unfortunately that info wasn't passed along.
- scheduled to perform w/ Gary Lucas but he had to cancel due to the flu
- any help with the setlist is greatly appreciated
- t07, 08, 09, 11, 12, 14 & 15 are best guesses
- t10 has a 5.4 second d/o that was repaired w/ cross fades
- t11 fades out (banter)
- t12 fades in

- setlist -
t01 - intro
t02 - Goldfinger (John Barry)
t03 - Griselda (traditional)
t04 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Bernie Taupin, Elton John)
t05 - Johnny Get Your Gun! (Henry R. Kelsey)
t06 - Along Comes Mary (Tandyn Almer)
t07 - Bottle Caps Are Cool
t08 - Bama Lama Rama Lama Ro
t09 - Once Upon A Long Long Time Ago
t10 - Keep A-Knockin' (But You Can't Come In) (Richard Penniman)
t11 - Holy Terror
t12 - Education, I love You
t13 - Oh, Life (Dorothy Parker)
t14 - Bad Bad Karma
t15 - Goin' Nowhere

Run Time; 44:54.893

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[J.Noel 07 December 2020]

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