Phil Lesh & Friends

November 24, 2001
Orpheum Theater,
Boston, MA

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Source info: AKG 481's > Aerco MP2 > DAT (Sony d10 pII)
Location: FOB 8th row in front of SBD, center.

Transfer info:
Tascam DA 30 mkii > Microtrack ii > wavelab 5 > WAV 24/48

Master Digital Audience Recording & Transfer by Ray Ackerman
Edited & Mastered w/ Adobe Audition by Joe Noel:
February 18, 2020

The Players
- Phil Lesh; bass & vocals
- Rob Barraco; keyboards, vocals
- Warren Haynes; guitar, vocals
- John Molo; drums
- Jimmy Herring; guitar

* first performance

- Set I -
s1t01 - Jam ->
s1t02 - Smokestack Lightning ->
s1t03 - Cumberland Blues
s1t04 - Banks of the Deep End -> *
s1t05 - Friend of The Devil ->
s1t06 - Broken Arrow ->
s1t07 - Casey Jones

- Set II -
s2t01 - Alligator ->
s2t02 - Midnight Train ->
s2t03 - Get Back ->
s2t04 - Doin' That Rag
s2t05 - Bird Song ->
s2t06 - Golden Road ->
s2t07 - Viola Lee Blues
s2t08 - [donor rap - the players]
s2t09 - Midnight Hour

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[J.Noel 18 February 2020]

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