Phil Lesh 2020-02-17 and Friends, San Rafael, Ca redo gd1969-03-15 Hilton.SanFran tzr ca-14's 1644

Phil Lesh and Friends
Terrapin Crossroads-grate room
San Rafael, Ca

(february 17, 2020)

This concert is a recreation of gd1969-03-15 Hilton.SanFran, Phil's birthday.

recorded by vortexzephyr
ca-14 mics attached to lossless legs notehead cap>
about 7 rows back, left of center with a direct line of sight to pa stack>
zoom q2n @ 24/96> audacity to split tracks, tlh for flac and ffp
dither to 16/44.1 with r8brain

dl from LosslessLegs 2019-02-23 r5. With my sincere thanks!
torrent > Transmission 2.94 > iMac 3.6 GHz (OS 10.15.3 Catalina) > xACT 2.47 (st5) > Transmission 2.94 >
checksum file with original checks included

lineup: Stu Allen, Scott Law, Adam MacDougall, Sean Nelson, Phil Lesh

01 Morning Dew
02 Alligator (includes drums)
03 Hard to Handle
04 tuning
05 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
06 tuning
07 Dark Star>
08 St.Stephen>
09 The Eleven>
10 Lovelight
11. band intros and donor rap

recreation of Grateful Dead show -March 15, 1969 (Phil's bday) at Hilton Hotel, San Francisco