Various artists
The Memorial Concert
Felt Forum, New York City, NY
May 28th, 1976

Source : National Public Radio (probably re-broadcasts) (see Comments)
Bonus Tracks : unknown Audience Audio

Track Cuttings, Volume adjustments etc with Sound Forge

Disc One :
1. Sonny Ochs (Sister Of Phils) Speaks
2. DJ Introduction
3. Bob Gibson : One More Parade
4. Bob Gibson Talks
5. Bob Gibson : That's The Way It's Gonna Be
6. DJ Introduction
7. Danny Kalb : Mourning At Midday (Danny Kalb)
8. Dave Van Ronk : He Was A Friend Of Mine (Trad.)
9. Len Chandler : Links On The Chain (Phil Ochs)
10. DJ Introduction
11. Melanie : Chords Of Fame (Phil Ochs)
12. Melanie : Miranda (Phil Ochs)
13. Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary) : Day Is Done (Peter Yarrow)
14. Peter Yarrow, Odetta, Pete Seeger, Oscar Brand & Jean Ray (of Jim & Jean) : What's That I Hear (Phil Ochs)
15. DJ Introduction
16. Eric Andersen : Thirsty Boots (Eric Andersen)
17. Jim Glover (of Jim & Ray) : Cuban Invasion (Phil Ochs)
18. Jim & Jean : Crucifixion (Phil Ochs)
19. Pat Sky : Celtic Lament For The Dead (Trad.)
20. Pete Seeger & Fred Hellerman (Of The Weavers) : Draft Dodger Rag (Phil Ochs)
21. Oscar Brand : Love Me I'm A Liberal (Phil Ochs)
22. DJ Introduction
23. Odetta : I've Got The Be Me (Odetta)
24. DJ Introduction
25. Tim Hardin : Pleasures Of The Harbour (Phil Ochs)
Disc Two :
1. Ramblin' Jack Elliott : Bound For Glory (Phil Ochs)
2. Ramblin' Jack Elliott : Pretty Boy Floyd (Woody Guthrie)
3. Jean Ray (Of Jim & Jean) : OUtside Of A Small Cicrle Of Friends (Phil Ochs)
4. Tom Rush : No Regrets (Tom Rush)
5. Tom Rush & Jean Ray : Flower Lady (Phil Ochs)
6. Dj Outro
7. Ramsey Clark Speaks
8. Larry Estridge : I Ain't Marchin' Anymore (Phil Ochs)
9. Sonny Ochs Speaks
10. Allen Ginsberg : Two Poems (Allen Ginsberg)
11. William Kunstler Speaks
12. Jerry Rubin Talks
13. Cora Weiss Speaks

- "War Is Over Rally", Central Park, New YOrk City, May 11th, 1975
14. Phil Ochs : I Ain't Marchin' Anymore (Phil Ochs)
15. Phil Ochs : Introduction of Joan Baez
16. Phil Ochs & Joan Baez : There But For Fortune (Phil Ochs)
17. Phil Ochs : War Is Over (Phil Ochs)

Comments :
there are a lot of different recordings of this concert in Tribute of the great Phil Ochs.

This Torrent is based of two different broadcast of NPR, which are given to me by a NPR DJ many
years ago. The recordings were different (in order and in songs)...........

I'm still looking for the PBS Video of this concert.... If someone could help out, that would
be appreciated very much....................................