Cheese & Grain,
Frome, UK
30th June 2016

Church Audio CA-14 cardioids > CA-9200 >
Edirol R-09HR (@24/96) > Cool Edit Pro 2 > CDWave > TLH

Recorded 25' back, in front of house right stack

Recording, transfer & artwork by boombox

One set (48m):

1. Wait Until The Morning
2. Everybody Knows The Truth
3. Don't Do It Again
4. Lucky
5. Tuning
6. Complicated
7. Pray For Rain
8. Goin' Down South Again
9. Empty Road

boombox's notes february 2017:

I didn't know this band at all before going, but as I had permission from the Love guys to film the show, thought I'd ask the support band, who were also willing. Unfortunately, the local promoter came across just after they started to tell me it was OK to film PRB, but not Love! This explains the brief conversation you can hear during the beginning of the first song. That blip aside, the recording came out well and provides a pretty good taster for this British band doing their own take on Southern Rock. Three guitarist too, which would make Skynyrd proud!

As noted, the set was also filmed and will be shared when I get round to authoring it all up. I did what I could for a setlist - any corrections, I will provide updated artwork.

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Images for this show:

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PhoenixRiverBand2016-06-30TheCheeseAndGrainFromeUK (3).jpg