Pink Floyd
'The Story Of Pop No. 26 : A Trip On The London Underground'

BBC Radio 1 Broadcast 1994-07-12
Complete Documentary Broadcast. 58'19"

Includes Roger Waters Interview by Brian Matthews recorded 1968-05-25.The interview was recorded during the band's session
for the Top Gear show broadcast by the BBC on 1968-11-08, but it wasn't featured in the broadcast at that time. I believe
that the interview was intended for the 'Top Of The Pops' Transcription Services show, which the BBC made for sale to
foreign stations around the world. Whatever it's original purpose, the interview was included in the BBC 'Story Of Pop' documentary broadcast on BBC Radio 1
in July 1994. This recording is from my own off-air master cassette recording. FLAC encoded at DAT native sample resolution
of 48Khz. Downsample to transfer to Audio CD but please do not distribute / share downsampled copies.

FM > Off-Air Master Cassette > DAT 48khz > FLAC
TDK SA60 Tape / ref. 258.
Analogue Transfer: Aiwa AD-F450 Cassette Deck > Tascam DA20 MkII
DAT Transfer: Sony SDT-9000 DDS Drive + DAT2WAV > WAV
Peak 5.05 used to trim leading and trailing silences, and to track the show to allow easy access to the Floyd related

1. Procol Harum segment
2. Floyd segment begins
3. Roger Waters Interview by Brian Matthews
4. Floyd segment concludes
5. Bowie, Bolan, Led Zeppelin, Traffic and Jethro Tull

Recorded 1994, transferred and shared on Yeeshkul Pink Floyd Tracker by Beechwoods, February 2006.


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01 - Unknown & Peter Jenner 1:30
Arnold Layne (Removed)
02 - Peter Jenner :53
See Emily Play (Removed)
03 - Nick Mason & Peter Jenner 2:16
Scarecrow (Removed)
04 - Presenter :11
05 - Roger Waters 1:03
Corporal Clegg (Removed)
06 - Presenter :03

Total Running Time 5:56

The Peter Jenner & Nick Mason interviews are from 1993/4 only the Roger Interview is from 25th May 1968

Additional Lineage : Flac@48 > Wav@48 (Editing with Audacity) > Flac@48