from pf-roio db:
The BBC's "Omnibus" series documented the Apollo 11 space mission in a programme entitled "What If It's Just Green Cheese?". Pink Floyd performed live in the studio, providing suitably spacey music throughout the programme. Collector have had audio tapes of this for several years and refer to the music as "Moonhead". The band claim they improvised the entire six-minute instrumental from scratch.

from "In The Flesh" book :
A live Tv recording session for the one-hour BBC1 TV Omnibus special entitled " So what if its just green cheese", one of many programmes covering the Apollo 11 moon landing. It was broadcast on 20.7.69 at 10.00pm and featured Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Michael Horden, Roy Dotrice, Marian Montgomery, Dudley Moore and the Dudley Moore Trio. Pink loyd performed a 5-minute improvisation which has become known as "Moonhead"
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