Pictures of Pink Floyd (orig press) vinyl rip_1644

* 44.1Khz 16bit version *

lineage: 1st original press "Pictures of Pink Floyd" Vol.I & Vol.II (Top Sound) [2 LPs] > FLAC 192Khz 24bit > WAV 192Khz 32bit float > Restorations (*) > downsample and dither > WAV 44.1Khz 16bit > split into tracks > FLAC 44.1Khz 16bit

(*) Restorations :
- declick (manual and automatic)
- removed ultrasonic broadband noise from ~60Khz to ~96Khz
- speed correction
- gain adjustments

date: november 28th, 1970
venue: Saarlandhalle, Saarbrucken, West Germany (unverified date and venue)

(**) : 'Second Cud' and 'Atom Heart Mother (reprise)' are from
february 26th 1971, Stadthalle, Offenbach, West Germany - Recorder 1


1. The Libest Spacement Monitor
2. Fat Old Sun
3. Second Cud (**)
4. Atom Heart Mother - reprise (**)
5. Green Is The Colour
6. A Saucerful Of Secrets
7. Atom Heart Mother

vince666's comments: I am just happy (and also proud) to finally offer you a new Hi-Res rip from this hystorical vinyl, thanks to cheapfilm who was kind enough to transfer his nice first press!

Compared to the older/circulating LP rip, to my ears, this one sounds smoother and then more pleasant.
The older transfer maybe sounds a little bit brighter at times, but in a way that makes it slightly harsh and, also, with some noticeable distortion on mid-hi frequencies or, maybe, the somewhat perceived extra brighness is mostly the result of a less full lowend.
This one is, in fact, smoother and, also, it has some more full/solid bass and some better dynamics.

Please, don't misunderstand me, this one doesn't lack any treble at all (in fact, frequencies are extended well over the ~22Khz Nyquist limit of the CD sample rate) and, to my ears, it's more solid and balanced, frequency-wise.
Of course, the more modern (and High Resolution) hardware used for this capture, together with a turntable/cartridge with a smoother sound, made the difference we can detect by comparing the two transfers.

As we all know, the side 4 of this boot does contain the infamous AHM with those crazy speed problems.
For this release, the speed correction was performed "the oldschool way" (manually and by ears) and, maybe, I was able to get a little better result than the older speed correction performed by Blokhead on the older vinyl rip.
And I can fully feel the pain he felt while speed correcting the side 4.
It was, indeed, an extremely difficult task to perform the usual manual+ears way! So, kudos to anyone tried doing that!

Of course, referring to side 4 in particular, there are still some minor speed fluctuations here and there and there is noticeable wow and flutter (present also on the older versions, though).
I do plan to correct it further, in the near future, with the help of some of these new W&F removal tools but, since I am still not 100% sure if these new tools do apply corrections in a fully "natural" way, I thought to first share it with the manual-only speed correction applied because, at least, I perfectly know "how" I did alter the speed to try to bring it back to normal.

So, while waiting for a more refined version with the remaining (minor) fluctuations and the W&F addressed, I hope you will enjoy this just as I do.

Vinyl rip kindly offered by cheapfilm
Restoration by vince666
February 2021