Popa Chubby
Vegetable Buddies
October 19th, 2017
South Bend, Indiana

MIKEY 2.0 iPod Recoding Microphone 16/44.1
dead center, less than 10ft in front of drums, PC just to the left.

I had the mic set for medium sound level, which is usually ok in bars.........but man did this show smoke! The recording is a little distorted. You just don`t know till you get home and listen.........

I usually post audio raw without processing, but I had to make it decent to listen to so there is some de-clip, reverb, exciter, widener and bass roll-off. Still awesome sounding!

First set was 90 minutes long (wouldn`t fit on a CD) so I just edited the two sets together, and made one long 2:18:53 show. FYI the intermission was after Over The Rainbow.


Intro Instrumental
I Don't Want Nobody
Lookin' Back
New York City Blues
Chubby's Boogie
Preexisting Conditions
Hey Joe
Sweet Goddess of Love and Beer
Blues for Charlie
Over The Rainbow
Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
Meaner than Sam Lays' Pistol
Cayophus Dupree
69 Dollars
Further On Down the Road