Prairie Home Companion
Nick Lowe, vocals and guitar
Ren�e Fleming, soprano
The 43rd Street Regulars
The Royal Academy of Radio Actors
Garrison Keillor: vocals and narration
live at The Town Hall
New York City, New York
November 29, 2014
live broadcast on WGBH-HD-FM/NPR

Program: "Quality on 43rd Street"

"We�re back at The Town Hall in New York City for a live broadcast,
with special guests, pub-rocker supreme Nick Lowe
and musical ambassador Ren�e Fleming.
Plus, the Royal Academy of Radio Actors, Tim Russell, Sue Scott,
and Fred Newman; musical director Richard Dworsky with
The 43rd Street Regulars; and the latest News from Lake Wobegon."

114:33 minutes


part 1 63:38 minutes
01 opening sequence 5:58
02 Garrison Keillor: [West 43rd] 3:02
03 Fred Newman: Piano Man (Billy Joel), Fred Newman version 6:12
04 Ketchup Advisory Board spot 3:06
05 Nick Lowe: Sensitive Man 3:15
06 intro 2:10
07 Nick Lowe: I Wish it could be Christmas Every Day 3:29
08 Garrison Keillor: [Precious Memories] 4:55
09 Powdermilk Biscuits jingle 1:38
10 Ren�e Fleming and Garrison Keillor: [New York City song] 3:50
11 The Royal Academy of Radio Actors with Ren�e Fleming as Renata Flamb�:
"Guy Noir, Private Eye" espisode 13:42
12 intro 2:01
13 Ren�e Fleming: Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Sandy Denny) 4:07
14 intro 0:47
15 Ren�e Fleming: The Christmas Waltz (Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne) 2:53
16 outro 2:24


part 2 50:56 minutes
17 Help! (Lennon-McCartney) 0:52 [instrumental, fades in]
18 Garrison Keillor: greetings 4:00
19 Garrison Keillor and The Royal Academy of Radio Actors:
"Mom Calls Duane"/instrumental/band intros 9:29
20 Ren�e Fleming: "Hotel Ren�e" jingle 2:41
21 Ren�e Fleming: Winter Wonderland (Felix Bernard and Richard B. Smith) 2:49
22 intro 0:25
23 Nick Lowe: Has She Got a Friend 2:45
24 Nick Lowe: A Dollar Short of Happy 3:13
25 Garrison Keillor: The News from Lake Wobegon 11:51
26 Charlie's Waltz (Richard Dworsky) 2:15
27 intro 1:01
28 Ren�e Fleming: Love and Hard Times (Paul Simon) 4:30
29 closing sequence 4:58

The 43rd Street Regulars:
Jeff Carney, bass
Eugene Friesen, 'cello
Richard Kriehn, mandolin and fiddle
Ray Marchica, drums
Chris Siebold, guitar

Jeff Carney

Eugene Friesen [Paul Winter Consort]

Richard Kriehn

Ray Marchica

Chris Siebold

Fred Newman

HD over FM broadcast;
HD-FM tuner>PC>stereo 16-bit 44.1 kbps WAV>
tracked and edited in audio editor>WAVs>
SBEs repaired, checksum files and FLAC-8 files created in Trader's Little Helper

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