The Pretenders
Learning to Crawl 1984 Tour
Th��tre de Verdure, Nice - France
6th June 1984

I received this audience recording in a tape trade many years ago.
Not the best possible recording quality but still more than sufficient in my opinion.
Unfortunately a couple of songs are missing and a couple are incomplete.
Happy listening! All the very best to everybody!

Known lineage:
c90 Sony FX unkn. gen. tape cassette obtained in a trade > TEAC W-865R - 2x RCA to mini jack stereo cable - PCI
CMI8738/C3DX Sound Card > HDD .wav file aquisition, tracks splitting by Audacity 2.1.3 > flac files encoding
(level=5), fft fingerprints by FLAC Frontend v2.1 > .md5 whole-set signature file by mkwACT v1.0 > dime > you.

Chrissie Hynde: lead vocals, guitar
Robbie McIntosh: guitar
Malcolm Foster: bass
Martin Chambers: drums, add vocals
Rupert Black: keyboards


01. The Wait (02:54)
02. Message of Love (03:22)
03. The Adultress (04:09)
04. Time the Avenger (04:34)
05. Thumbelina (04:15)
06. Show Me (03:52) (incompl.)
07. Thin Line Between Love and Hate (03:58)
08. My City Was Gone (05:14)
09. Stop Your Sobbing (02:44)
10. Back on the Chain Gang (03:54)
11. Bad Boys Get Spanked (03:50)
12. (Band Intros) Mystery Achievement (05:14) (misses few secs in the middle)
13. Up the Neck (05:59)
14. Middle of the Road (04:23)
15. Precious (04:15)
16. Audience Noise (Encore Break) (02:35)
17. Brass in Pocket (02:54)

Total Playing Time: 01:08:11

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