Procol Harum
Seattle Center Arena
Seattle, WA
April 20, 1977
Opening act for Supertramp
Jon Wizardo Master Tape

Lineage: Jon Wizardo Master Cassette Tape> Nakamichi Dragon> HHB CDR > CD WAV

"Jon Wizardo has given me all of the cassette tapes he recorded back in his bootleg days. Some were released, or partially released, on vinyl bootlegs, others remain unreleased.
...Some of these transfers will simply represent each side of each cassette as transferred by a friend of mine..... They are all historic recordings and I hope you enjoy them.

01 intro/tunning/check
02 Something Magic
03 Conquistador
04 Simple Sister
05 Grand Hotel
06 Whaling Stories
07 The Mark of the Claw
08 Pandora's Box
09 The Unquiet Zone (fades out)

Most likely just missing "A Salty Dog".
The quality starts pretty good with Something Magic. Drops a bit in Conquistador but recovers in Simple Sister.