Pure Prairie League
Belmont Park Race Track
Long Island, NY
Source: WLIR FM Broadcast
Lineage: Cassette> CDR> iTunes (with error correction)> aiff> Bias Peak LE 3.10> xACT 1.2> FLAC (level 6)

Sound Quality: A
325 MB (FLAC)

01. intro
02. Kansas City Southern
03. Place In The Middle
04. I'll Fix Your Flat Tire, Merle
05. Goodbye So Long
06. I'll Be Damned
07. Misery Train
08. Amie
09. Pickin' To Beat The Devil
10. Two Lane Highway
11. Love is Falling
12. Can't Hold Back

time: 53:52

Vince Gill: lead guitar, banjo, fiddle & vocals
Patrick Bolen: rhythm guitar & vocals
Mike Reilly: bass & vocals
Michael Connor: Keyboards
Billy Hinds: drums
Jeff Kirk: saxophone

Remastering notes:
Bias Peak was used to remove audible track transitions.
Intro and Kansas City Southern were split into separate tracks.

Love is Falling and Two Lane Highway were split into separate tracks.
Encore crowd noise was faded in.

Some track markers were moved to the beginning of songs.
Aiff files were aligned on sector boundaries.

Known flaw: t11 fades out

josenoruego remaster 08/04

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